South Atlantic Capital Portfolio Options

For Separately Managed Accounts

South Atlantic Core Equity Accounts

Fully discretionary accounts managed for long term capital appreciation. Portfolios are primarily invested in large cap value oriented equities. We intend to hold 20-25 positions but have held fewer positions in the past. Portfolios may retain cash if there are insufficient companies meeting our criteria. Portfolio holdings are chosen based on company specific analysis with little attention paid to economic or market forecasts. However, we seek to take potential economic weakness into account through a defensive bias by investing in companies which we believe have strong defensive characteristics and can withstand, and many times benefit from the high return opportunities presented by, economic downturns.

South Atlantic Balanced Fund Accounts

Fully discretionary accounts seeking regular income, capital appreciation and capital preservation through regular use of fixed income and equity investments. The equity portions of these accounts are typically invested in the same stocks as our Core Equity accounts as well as publicly traded Master Limited Partnerships and other publicly traded equity securities of similar “pass through” entities. The fixed income portions of these accounts typically represents approximately one third of the portfolio and are predominately invested in investment grade bonds. The portfolios are generally invested in 20-25 positions but have held fewer than 15 positions in the past.  Accounts may retain cash to take advantage of buying opportunities.


Minimum portfolio value is generally set at $250,000.

Fee Schedule:

The annual fee schedule (payable quarterly), based on a percentage of assets under management is as follows:

  • Less than $5,000,000          1.00%
  • Amounts over $5,000,000    0.75%  (negotiable)

Fixed Income-oriented accounts have a lower fee structure, but are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Minimum portfolio value: $250,000.

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